Implementation Maturity Assessment

Assessing an organization’s ability to tackle day-to-day challenges is not as straightforward as it might seem. Having a clear idea of the current capabilities of existing company processes along with their actual effects on achieving company objectives allows streamlined decision-making across the organization.

This is why maturity assessment is a vital part of every company that aims for long-term effectiveness. Ecommsol brings you an implementation maturity assessment that takes into account company objectives and the existing ground realities as they are on the date of the assessment. This allows the management an accurate diagnosis of the key areas of weakness and the steps to be taken to rectify them. The maturity assessment shows leaders how advanced their organization is in terms of perspective, its strengths, weakness, and improvement opportunities.

Software Development

The software development life cycle is the backbone of all software-based organizations yet unfortunately there is no single objective standard through which the organization could measure the effectiveness of its activities.  There are different schools of thought and specific incarnations of these ideas in place in any given organization. 

Ecommsol gives you plenty of flexibility be it with frameworks or their application with the priority being the effective achievement of company objectives, with various sub-approaches and spectrum which companies can use to meet the unique challenges they face.

QA Management

Quality assurance management is the less discussed but equally important process of every development cycle. Quality assurance ensures the prevention of avoidable mistakes, inconsistencies, and defects in your products. Ecommsol provides rigorous and standardized testing to ensure the quality never takes a backseat. Ship on time, with zero bugs with Ecommsol.

We ensure end-to-end tests across multiple platforms. Automation on apps, CI pipelines. Automation coverage on new features API test, methods, and classes covered with documentation and code reviews.

Manual Testing

While most companies view manual testing as merely making sure of the working state of a product, we take it a step beyond. At Ecommsol manual testing is seen as the verification of production readiness of a product. This encompasses more than checking functionality but an end-to-end verification of quality. We believe not everything can be automated and exploratory testing is always valuable. Although automation is gaining prominence  It’s not practical in every case to automate the testing because the systems may be different as per the scenario.

Manual testing is always relevant in specific instances depending on the nature of the tech and company. Ecommsol believes that automation is not the replacement of a manual QA role, it is an efficient tool. Script upkeep in a dynamic environment can be time-consuming and automation cannot replace the judgment of an individual. We ensure eyeballs on your prize.

Test Automation

Ecommsol believes in leveraging the power of automated tools in your development process. We believe in empowering your team with automated testing to allow them to tackle greater challenges more easily.

We focus on building automation frameworks (page object pattern, building tests and test functions, and understanding the reusability, maintainability, usability, etc.)We believe in multi-level automation outside of web UI – (API, Load/Performance, Database, Desktop application, mobile, etc) and usage of every test tool as per the needs of a project. (QTP/UFT, SoapUI, Ranorex, etc.)

We also tackle how automation can be used outside of tests like creating user data, setting up environments, etc.

DevOps Engineering

All testing and deployment strategies are incomplete without the DevOps methodology in place to achieve synergistic objectives across every department of an organization, not just the IT. With Ecommsol introduce the most acclaimed processes, tools, and methodologies to your workflow to gain an observable edge over your competition. Gain complete control over your software development life cycle, from coding and deployment, maintenance and updates.